Tree Risk Assessments

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By law, property and landowners have a duty to ‘take reasonable care’ of trees that are situated on their property. The tree owner should take steps to ensure that they are aware of whether a tree is likely to cause damage to people or property and if so how to take necessary action.

Using the Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) method of tree hazard evaluation, we can offer a proactive approach to tree maintenance. A level of acceptable risk is ascertained with the client before the assessment is carried out and recommendations for remedial work are outlined in a tree survey schedule.

Tree close to a property, risk assessment of possible damage

We use Esri GIS technology and a mobile collector application to plot trees on a satellite imagery base map. Our report has a link to a web mapping application where all the trees can be viewed and selected to reveal relevant data, recommendations and inspection schedules. Our tree schedules and mapping are to a standard that covers your ‘Duty of Care’ and that you can pass on to a contractor, without jargon, so that you understand what is required. Our clients include local Councils, landowners, property developers and home owners, mortgage and insurance companies – We are highly trained and qualified to meet your needs.

  • Tree Risk Assessment – Danger Signs
  • Dead branches
  • Poor visible tree structure
  • Pruning history
  • Leaf condition and colour
  • Insect infestations
  • Signs of decay in the tree’s major structural parts
  • Close proximity construction
  • Horizontal or vertical cracks in any part of the tree
  • Mushrooms or fungus on the tree or in it’s root zone
  • Co-dominance – signs of double or multiple leads or branches
  • Visual evidence of lightning strikes

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