Tree Inspections and BS 5837 Planning Surveys

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Tree close to building, needs a tree survey

BS 5837 – Planning Surveys

Trees can provide amenity value and a sense of maturity to a development, raising the value of the property and making it more marketable.

Our pre-design and development reports are produced in accordance with British Standard 5837 – Trees in Relation to Construction, providing the developer with all the information that is required to support a planning application where trees are implicated and offer guidance for tree protection during the construction process.

Tree & Woodland Management Surveys & Reports

Information such as tree species, age and condition collected during our tree survey provides the basis for good short, mid and long-term management decisions. The individual needs of each tree can be identified and an overall management strategy implemented.

We can provide the tree owner with survey data to their own requirements from single trees to extensive populations and produce specifications for any remedial work required accompanied by plans. The statutory legal requirements of the tree owner regarding safety issues can also be addressed during planned management, thus reducing risk to people and property.

Questions about Tree Inspections & Tree Surveys

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